About Lars Wallin

(The webpage is under development)
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Lars Wallin and I’m 44 yrs old. Born in Sweden but have worked as a Hollywood PT for +20 years now.
I work with my clients out of Fortune Gym and out of their homes. I ran the aquatic rehab program at Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI) for 5 years, training seniors and patients. I have also worked with Cirque performers in Las Vegas. I love being a trainer and its a great journey to get to help clients feeling and looking better.


Mixed Martial Arts
As a fighter/coach Lars brings 40 years of experience to the mat. After studying Judo & Kuykushin Karate as a kid back in Sweden he eventually moved to LA and started training with the Gracie Family in 1993. In 2006 he lift the Gracies and started his own organization (”WallinMMA”). He holds a 3rd degree black-belt and as a BJJ & grappling competitor he has won (US Nationals, Copa Pacifica, IGGF open, Gracie Internationals and many others). He was a pioneer in BJJ/ MMA in Scandinavia has head coated 8 schools back in Sweden. A back injury ended his own plans for a serious MMA career (3-0-0) in 2002 and instead he focused on developing his own style of submissions/grappling and started coaching Pro fighters world wide. He was one of Royce Gracies sparring partners for many of his legendary battles and has worked with & coached fighters in the following MMA shows: UFC, Strikeforce, Superior Challenge, Vision Quest, the Zone, Viking fights, Gladiator Challenge, Reign Fights, CAMO, Mansion Fights, and many many others. He has brought his own unique submission style to thousands of students in more then 100 EU/US seminars and workshops in the last decade. Today at the age of 46 he is still very active and rolls and teaches MMA/ Grappling classes daily out of Fortune Gym (the US home of ”Wallin MMA”). For more on ”Wallin MMA” follow us on our Facebook page.